Dynamism, Braid Project ….

The last week, I was mostly busy with the semester end exams at our University. Doing 8 courses per semester is a pretty heavy task and the end-semester exams are no less. They started off on 5th and will be going on till 16th, so I could not make much progress. However we had the discussion on integration of Spherogram, rather we are considering it to be a package of inspiration, and if possible would use the peer code implementation which would be helpful in Vogel’s algorithm implementation. We had a discussion on the dynamism(able to perform Reidemeister moves on the given link), this gave rise to a completely different way of looking at the structure of the link. But we decided not to move away from the already discussed implementation, and at the same time not lose the dynamism, so we are looking forward to implement a method which could return the link after the moves are done. And coming to the Braid project, Andrew has yet to give his comments on licensing, if he does then we can go ahead with the wrappers or they could be a lot of re-implementation happening. That’s a pretty short update. Thanks for reading through.