Conversions, cleaning …

Hello everyone,
The last week we focused on the conversions. Some parts are ready for the knots, in sense the standard input conversion is done but there is lots more to add to it. We are returning the braid word as of now where we need to return the braid itself. That would give access to the other methods like the Seifert Matrix and Alexander polynomial. As of now we are thinking of conversions for the links. The braid to pd code has been edited. We no longer maintain the order the crossings, it is just that we encounter a crossing and we start numbering , previously we used to trace the braid out and then order the crossing accordingly. This week the focus is on converting pd code to braid for links, but it seems that we need to even consider the signs for the crossings, ¬†this might affect the way we have been considering the pd code uptil now. There is one more way we can look at the pd code that is assign four new numbers at each crossing, that would completely change the way we have looked at the pd code and would also call for lot of re implementation. I guess considering the signs should be the possible way out for the pd code of the links. In knots we did not have this problem as it was a more structured structure. This is taking a lot of time than expected. Hopefully we have the implementation for links and all issues resolved by this week. Still there is the invariants which have to be implemented (the conway, homfly) but for now the focus is totally on the conversions. That’s it from me. Thanks for reading through. And here is the pull request for the week.