Jones polynomial, the next week …

Hello everyone,
This week we mainly focused on jones polynomial. The orientation method had few edits and we are expecting it to be fine. I started out with the implementation of jones polynomial, the previous version where the trip matrix was used was restricted to knots. That method mainly used the oriented gauss code but in this implementation we have used the PD code so that it would work for links as well. I have tried to comment in the code the method I have followed, the outline of the procedure has been taken from

There are few things which remain to be implemented, mainly like accepting the 3d coordinates and HOMFLY polynomial. Few methods have to be renamed and a I guess there is work remaining in the documentation part of the code. This week the focus would be on accepting 3d coordinates and converting it to PD code that would allow the conversion to braid or oriented gauss code. So the target for the week would be
1. 3d coordinates (the priority)
2. Renaming the methods
3.  Storing (this has been pending for a good amount of time, the idea is once something related is computed we store it, this is being achieved by creating an object which is not an efficient way of doing things).

Hopefully I can get the above things working. That’s it from me and thanks for reading through.

Here is the pull request for the week,


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