Edits, Evaluations and university …

Hello Everyone,
This week we focused on edits (minor ones, some related to documentation and small others in the code). The code is in the review phase and Miguel is giving it a thorough check. Once we are done with it we would be creating a ticket on trac server and then I hope the works gets merged in the master. A lot of documentation has been added on how the input works. The constructor has been completely revamped, some conditions have been added to check on the input. Last week we could identify what kind of input it was, but this time we have enhanced it to check whether it is in the required format or not. There is an conditional check to be performed on the PD code and that should be done this week. I do not remember mentioning in the previous post about the jones polynomial. We were initially working in the LaurentPolynomialRing but we have changed it to SymbolicRing so that the answer is returned with least damage. So once the support for the rational powers chips in we can revert back to LaurentPolynomialRing for Jones polynomial. Many such edits were made in the documentation.

We had the final evaluations on Friday and I have passed the evaluations. I am happy with the way things have been moving, this has been a great learning curve for me and I will be continuing my efforts in making this module more functional and robust.  The next target would be making the code reach the required standards before adding further functionality which would be the homfly polynomial and then the plot. I am very much excited in implementing the other invariants but that said the most important thing is to prepare the present code for the master.

There are a lot of people to thank who have kept me motivated and inspired during the program. Miguel has been very much supportive and has helped me a lot. He has helped me tackle some questions with ease. I would like to thank the Sage community for having accepted me and making me a part of such a wonderful team. I would like to thank David Horgan for having followed my work and inspiring me with the physics applications of the subject. Thanks to Nisanth, I still remember it all started off with us discussing FOSS and for giving some invaluable tips. Thanks to Manoj and Srikanth for all the chat we had , it would have been difficult to move forward without some of those chats we had. Hoping to continue the work and getting some results. The university has resumed and a great summer has finally come to an end. Lots of targets and lots to learn. That’s it from me. Thanks for reading through.


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