Further edits

Hello Everyone,
This week I have worked on several minor issues. The main ones are the following:
1. Check on the pd_code
Have added additional conditions, to check whether each number is given exactly twice.
2. Work on the imports.
I tried various ways before sending in a mail to Miguel in what I was missing. Finally we could figure it out and now it is possible to just create a link on the fly no need to import the module.
3. One of the most exciting things I have worked on is I have started using the SMC (sage math cloud) for development. There are some latency issues but that said wow!!! I am amazed working on SMC. I am still tweaking around with the editor but till now it has been amazing !!!!
4. So if you want to test out my work :
(a) Create an account on sage math cloud (cloud.sagemath.com)

(b) create a terminal (you have an instance in hand)

(c) git clone -b week15 <link to my github repo)

(d) move into the sage folder and hit make (while it builds grab a coffee and read my previous posts)

Test out the latest work :). Just do a pull if you are interested in the latest work. Dont forget to build once you have pulled.

I am still working on few other methods (the ncomponents is one which needs a bit of focus as we have ignored the trivial circles) and the pull request below shows the work that needs to be done.


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