Cleaning, Other projects, permissions

Hello Everyone ….
Its been a long time since I have posted anything on the work I have been doing. There has been a lot of work at hand the academics at the university as well as other constraints arising from the other projects. I would like to post about
1. The project and its current status (Knot Theory for sage)
2. Permissions on the Linux file system (And a bit of my project I have been working on, using raspberry pi)
3. Quantum Computation using Categorical ideas (This might be a little bit harsh as I am not using mathjax as of now for the symbols)

So starting off with the project, the status report is as follows :
1.There has been some reviewing going on the project and corrections have been made. I have been committing the work on sage trac ticket 17030, we have moved from github to the trac server.
2. I am working on the plot method based on the ideas that Miguel has presented me with. I am not getting enough time to get through it all at once. This will be really important and will be focusing in the coming days.
3. The ncomponents method needs edits and the construction of the various representations must be in the form of tuples.
4. The documentation is not building, there are some errors as I try to build it up so I need to get this working.
5. After the above work (which is already pending and a lot) I need to steer my efforts in bringing up the two important knot invariants the HOMFLY polynomial and Khovanov homology.(These are big targets and will be great additions to the project).


We are working on developing a framework for controlling the GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi over small to medium range using wireless techniques. We are more focused on the software and not on the hacking the hardware. So we had this idea of file creation and watcher watching this event on the pi whenever there is a communication between pi and the user. So where does file permissions come in : GPIO pins cant be accessed as a user, one needs root privileges. So what are the alternatives :
1. We found this pigpio daemon which could control GPIO pins without the root access.
2. We thought we could tweak a further and there in came the file permissions, so how do you do it :
set the setuid bit so that the file is run with the permissions of the owner rather than the user, but this does not work on scripts so compile a C file with the file permissions setting the uid and then running the file. This works … But the whole idea is yet to be adjusted to this adjustment.

(ITS 4_ _ _ for setting the uid) 😛

Off late I have started to focus on the study of Topological Quantum Computation through Categorical Framework. I have reached upto the understanding of the Ribbion Category structure. Next would be modular tensor categories which are ribbon categories with additional structure like the semisimplicity and modularity. I have simultaneously started working on Hopf Algebras (Quantum Groups) to get a better understanding of the current design. The next targets are to understand these structures through Categorical Framework. There is some close relation between Hopf Algebras and knot invariants (I might be wrong on this) but yes it would be great to complete the incomplete picture to realize the artistic math in it. I have messed it up here with the jargons and I hope I could have put more concretely and precisely for everyone to understand. That’s it from me … Hope you didnt curse at me while reading this last instance … Anyways thanks for scanning through … 🙂

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